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  1. Happy birthday adam! 🎉

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    TODAY WE WISH OUR CEO AND FOUNDER, ADAM DEVINE, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Since starting our company in 2013, Adam has worked tirelessly, usually 7 days a week, to bring to market new and innovative products and services. And he has kept our company focused on the most important thing of all -...
  2. Marlin 39A Ruger 10/22 Peeps

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    Hey MOF Friends - First off thanks to all for the positive response to our Cloverleaf Peep Sights. They've been selling really well along with our front fiber optic sights. Today, we add two new Cloverleaf receiver bases to the mix. Marlin 39A and the Ruger 10/22 (red or green fiber optic...
  3. 39A Tang Sight

    Good mornin' my fellow 39A shooters. I have three 39A's that I shoot in cowboy silhouette matches. Two are Golden Trigger, pre safety models one with a Williams Receiver sight and the other a Marble Tang sight. My question: The third 39-A is from the late forties and has two predrilled holes for...
  4. Happy Holidays! 10% off anything in our store.

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    Marlin, Henry and Steyr A1 Pistol parts, slings, brakes, t-shirts, cleaning supplies and more. We also have electronic gift certificates that can be used to purchase parts and any of our services. Thanks for all...
  5. Hello from New Jersey!

    Welcome New Members
    Hello! I recently became a Marlin 39A owner. I figured now would be the time to join this forum. I've been reading a few of the posts in the past couple of weeks as I did research for Marlin 39A. The community here is great and friendly from what I read. You guys are well informed on your...
  6. 39A (mfg 2002) w/ intermittent Failure to Load

    I have a Marlin 39A (Original Golden) mfg 2002. I have an intermittent problem with failing to load bullets onto the ramp out of the tube, and hoping I can find help here. Problem with the rifle is that it will quite often fail to lift a new bullet into the chamber. It appears that the lifter...