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  1. Carrier Rocker, Rivet, and spring FALL out of Marlin 336W .30-30

    Good morning everyone. I apologize for posting this issue up again (still learning the forum and where to post) but I got a serious problem here with my Marlin 336W .30-30. Have not had the rifle more than 72 hours and already the rifle has suffered a severe malfunction. The Carrier Rocker...
  2. Some pics of my new Marlin family members :)

    Hi all! I haven't been on here for a few months, but thought I'd drop by. :beerglass: Santa was most generous to me, so I ended up with some new family members: a Marlin 336W and a Marlin 60C. I've always wanted a lever gun, and the 336 is my very first. After reading some horror stories...
  3. Marlin Model 336W manufactured after Mid-2009 has poor craftsmanship.

    Welcome New Members
    Any Marlin rifle manufactured after Mid-2009 by the Remington Company that bough out Marlins Company, will have in a lot of cases very poor craftsmanship. The rifle assembly was changed from a gunsmith to a "Assemble Cell" process because "Remington" wanted to cut down production costs to look...
  4. Problem with 336 locking up.

    I have a new 336 I got from Cabellas on the used gun rack. It still had the "Made in USA" tag hanging from the front sling mount. Cabellas said it was part of a deal where Marlin got rid of all their new stuff after the takeover, with the requirement that it be sold as "used." The first time...
  5. Model 57-M

    Hi I'm new to the forum and thought I would start with a post with the gun that started it for me with Marlins with a pic of my newest. The 57-M was my Grandfathers and was passed down to me. I learned how to shoot and hunt with this great .22 Mag. Needless to say it is priceless to me and my...