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  1. New 336C 30-30 - Hornady Leverevolution Case Splits & Grouping Issues

    Hi all. Owner of a Marlin 336C in 30-30 having some issues, I’m not exactly sure how to rectify. To keep it brief, bought a new 336C a few months ago. And I have only had 4 sessions with it at the range (eventually to add to the hunting tools). I got a bulk buy of Hornady Leverevolution 30-30...
  2. NRA American Rifleman Mag: Get a Grip on Lever-Action Accuracy

    Ranger Point Precision
    Anyone read this article that just came out? Marlin Firearms feature article that talks about accuracy and even includes a test re. a Marlin 35 Rem vs. a Winchester Model 94. Thoughts? Get A Grip On Lever-Action Accuracy by John Haviland -...
  3. HELP! Can't find .35 Remington Brass Anywhere

    Hey guys, New member here. I have been reloading for years, but had never attempted to reload for my old man's 35 because it was so busy staying unused in his safe. Well recently he gifted it to me and I got excited to get started loading for it. I picked up the dies for my press, and while at...
  4. New 336c Day!

    Hello All, this is my first Marlin and my first lever action rifle. I have always wanted one, but for some reason, I stuck with tactical gear (military and law enforcement). Anyways, I had some Scheels gift cards and decided to finally pick up a 336c 30-30. I'm recovering from a total...