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  1. 40 65 quest question

    32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    Last night I bid on a Remington falling block in 40 65.Nice gun, it had been restored, but the price started to climb in the last 20 minutes, so I didn't pursue it. It needed sights, and with shipping, transfer fee, credit card not being particularly enamored with falling blocks I...
  2. Happy birthday adam! 🎉

    Ranger Point Precision
    TODAY WE WISH OUR CEO AND FOUNDER, ADAM DEVINE, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Since starting our company in 2013, Adam has worked tirelessly, usually 7 days a week, to bring to market new and innovative products and services. And he has kept our company focused on the most important thing of all -...
  3. My new Marlin 336SC Waffle Top in .30-30W (and some questions)

    Hi, I recently purchased a new rifle, one I wanted for a loooong time, the Marlin 336 with a pistol grip-style but stock in .30-30W. Why? Be honest cowboy, nothing beats a nice Lever Action! And because in The Netherlands Marlins 336 are not lying around in big piles, the moment a saw one for...
  4. NEW! RPP CloverLeaf Peep Sight + Integrated Picatinny Rail Scope Mount

    Ranger Point Precision
    First off, thanks for all of the positive feedback and purchases of our CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sights. We're seeing a steady drumbeat of interest and sales from Marlin and Henry rifle owners. MOF ORIGINAL POST THREAD We have also received a ton of requests from those that wanted a CloverLeaf...
  5. Marlin .357 Mag Followers now available!

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hey MOF Friends, Per many requests, we now have our very popular magazine followers available for Marlin .357 Mag / .38 Special rifles. This is in addition to the ones that have been selling quite well (thank you!) for the Marlin 336, 308, 338, 444, 1895, 450M, 41 mag, .44 mag, and .45 Colt...
  6. NEW CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sights | Marlin & Henry Options

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hey Guys - This is the product family that I've been hinting at the last few weeks. Adam JUST RELEASED 5/18/18: CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sights | Marlin & Henry | Brass, Black and Stainless Innovation, attention to detail, uncompromising functionality, stunning good looks, and "clover leaf...
  7. Winchester vs Marlin Rifling

    This past weekend I went shooting with a friend. He has a 1990's Winchester 94 and I was using a 1948 336, both in 30-30 shooting Core-lokt 170gr. When I hit the steel (~150-170 yds) it made a loud ping and swung the target. When he hit it he knocked it off. Would this be caused by the...
  8. Newer and Older 336...what to do

    Welcome New Members
    Good morning. New to Marlin formula. I recently picked up a 1957 336 30 30..about 80% grade. Bluing looks decent. No pitting. A tad surface rust at end of barrel. Sight screws missing. Some one installed fiber optic sights on it...those coming off ASAP. The same day I had a friend offer to sell...
  9. Fallen Soldier's Marlin 336 30-30 Tribute Rifle

    Ranger Point Precision
    We were contacted a few months back by a U.S. Army soldier stationed abroad. A good friend and fellow solider had been KIA during an operation in Kunduz, Afghanistan along with one other member of the company. The Tailban had the U.S. troops trapped, and these two brave soldiers gave their lives...
  10. Happy Holidays! 10% off anything in our store.

    Ranger Point Precision
    Marlin, Henry and Steyr A1 Pistol parts, slings, brakes, t-shirts, cleaning supplies and more. We also have electronic gift certificates that can be used to purchase parts and any of our services. Thanks for all...
  11. Marlin .410 Shotgun - 444 Full Length Mag Tube Kit - M-LOK Panels

    Ranger Point Precision
    We’re pleased to reintroduce the Marlin 336 Lever-Action .410 Shotgun, with our own twist. In 2004, Marlin reintroduced a lever-action .410 briefly as homage to the original Model .410 built in 1929 and it was based on the more modern 1895 frame (Fun Fact: These were made in limited edition to...
  12. A BIG THANK YOU MOF! Happy Holidays.

    Ranger Point Precision
    Thanks for a great year! We've really enjoyed getting to know so many of you this year on MOF. We've enjoyed sharing what we know as well as learning lots of new things from all you smart people. As a way of saying thanks, we've created a special MOF coupon code for 15% off (MOFTHX). Use it in...
  13. Young Shooter Explains Marlinitis

    Ranger Point Precision
    NOTE: Taylor Caruana joined the Ranger Point Precision team earlier this year. Our youngest member, Taylor has years of experience with firearms - both handguns and rifles. Now that he's spent some time shooting Marlin lever actions, he's got a new case of Marlinitis. Taylor hopes to be able to...
  14. My favorite Marlin

    The Marlin 336 in .30-30 just the right rifle for the range this week. My Favorite is the one closest to the safe door.
  15. Glenfield Model 30A

    Hi, new to the forum. I am purchasing a Glenfield Model 30A chambered in 30-30 tomorrow morning. The seller and I settled on $350 after some negotiation. It has the full-length 6-round magazine, Glenfield-style capped forend, and, being a 1978 model, is a pre-safety rifle. It has, from what...
  16. [Pics Inside] Need Gunsmithing Help Installing Factory Iron Sights

    Do It Yourself Gunsmithing
    I'm trying to install replacement factory iron sights on my Marlin 336W, but am having trouble fitting it. Not sure if I need to do some more filing or just need to keep tapping it and force it in there. Any gunsmiths out there have any advice on how to make it fit in flat and not crooked? Which...
  17. Marlin 336y: Crooked Barrel or Crooked Sights? Pics Inside

    I have two Marlin 336's. A 336y and a 336w. While shouldering the 336y, I noticed the dovetail iron sights on the barrel seemed crooked, a bit slanted to the right. After further inspection and comparing the two, I noticed the print on the barrels were positioned different. On the 336y with...
  18. Marlin 336 Dovetail Iron Sights Elevator Yardage?

    I've searched, searched, and searched around and have yet to find a definitive answer on this. Has anyone done any research on this? What's the yardage these elevator sights are set at? Is it by 25 yards, or?
  19. Aftermarket Iron Sights Where Original Leaf Sights Go?

    I've seen some great sight options for Marlin 336, but most of them mount to the receiver using the scope mount screws. I have see-through mounts with a scope and would like to retain both scope and iron sights option. Does anyone know of any good aftermarket sights that are installed on the...
  20. Pushing the Limits of the Marlin 336 (or, How my .30-30 Got the AX)

    Ranger Point Precision
    I got to wondering recently. Typically, if that goes on long enough, the ol’ measuring stick comes out, then unusual credit card charges begin to appear, and before you know it, there’s a fresh pile of chips on the mill table. Sometimes a small pile of discarded parts sacrifice themselves to the...