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  1. 1893 buttplate

    Marlin Collectors
    I bought an old 1893 .30-30 carbine off gunbroker but the buttstock had been shortened with a flat plastic buttplate installed. Not liking this alteration, I bought a nice old replacement buttstock for it off eBay, didn’t come with the original metal curved buttplate. Anyone know...
  2. Scope mounting an 1893

    32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    So here's the pickle. The gun that brought me to this forum came as a gift from my grandpa. After asking around on here it's an 1893 model 32-40 cal. with a 408234 serial number. Grandpa really wants me to "hunt with the family gun", but part of me is hesitant due to it's age and heck it's a...
  3. 32-40 "Duke" ammo...can be reloaded?

    I have 2 full boxes of commemorative "Duke" 32-40 ammo and one box that is half shot, but still have the casings. Wanted to know if something like this can be reloaded. I don't want to shoot the commemorative rounds but don't see a problem with shooting reloaded cases of the ones that are...
  4. New Member Help with Marlin Serial Number 81978

    Welcome New Members
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member to the forum. I inherited my Grandfather's Marlin which I think was manufactured in 1892 or 1893. It's in great condition and I'd like to shoot it, but can't quite zero in on the ammo type. I think it used the short Colt .32's. Would greatly appreciate some...
  5. New Member and question

    Welcome New Members
    Hello all my name is Roxanne I live in North Florida in the pines. I like to shoot and do wood working. I have a Marlin model 1893 30 30 that was my great grandfathers. It has a 26" barrel and full length magazine tube. I am trying to find out what date it was made. The only number that looks...
  6. value of a 1893, 30-30, take-down barrel

    Marlin Collectors
    I have a marlin 1893 30-30 with a take-down 20"barrel, stock & metal are in Good+ condition. It's been sitting in my house for 50+ years & I never have fired a shot out of it. S/N is 2688XX. I am interested in finding out the current value of this gun. I live in a small town in the mountains of...