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  1. Slight modification question...

    So I've used my rifle a few times since I bought it back in September and it runs beautifully 70 years after it left the New Haven factory. There's just one thing I don't like about it...the magazine spring is REALLY stiff. Of course it needs to be to work properly but it's a bit of a thumb...
  2. 1895M Magazine/forarm furniture removal

    The 450 Marlin®
    Hello folks, I just acquired a 2000 1895M. I've ordered replacement furniture for it, and have two questions. 1) Can the front forearm/furniture be removed without removal of the lever etc? 2) If so, how is the best way to remove the magazine? It is pretty stuck in place, and I the front...
  3. Marlin 989g help

    I recently found an old Marlin 989g in good condition. It was a little gunked up but after some love, care, and elbow grease I managed to get in back in shooting condition. Unfortunately I am unable to find the only missing part, The Magazine :bawling: I haven't been able to locate one that is...
  4. Pistol choice for my Camp 9 mags

    CAMP CARBINES 9 & 45
    I am new to owning a Camp 9 and want to know the options for 9mm pistols that can use the mags from my Marlin. Can someone offer guidance please?. Thanks in advance.
  5. Clip or Magazine????

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Hello everyone. I am new here & have another question. Let me start out by saying I don't know about guns or gun related things. I was given old ammo & other items and since have been researching it all. This picture is one of said items. During my research I found a video explaining the...
  6. 336 30-30 erratic feed problem

    I just picked up my first Marlin at a pawn shop. 1975-production 336, came with a Bushnell scope (which has a surprisingly wide field of view) mounted on a Weaver rail. It's got some rust dots in the finish, but the bore looks good and I'm planning on parkerizing the gun anyway. The rifle...
  7. 783 .22 Magnum Inner Magazine Tube

    Hey guys I have been searching high and low for a replacement inner magazine tube for my Marlin 783 .22 Mag and I have yet to find anything. If anyone has one up for sale or has any tips on where to find one I would greatly apprecitate it. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. 795 after market accessories??

    I have a 795 and have two of the 10 round nickel mags, and am looking to buy a bigger one. ive been looking around but cant seem to find any but the shooters ridge banana, (have not heard the best things)... does anyone know of any others or mags compatible to this gun?? thanks
  9. Brownells .22 magazine tube kits DO NOT work with model 60

    It was suggested to me (either here or on rimfirecentral) that the Brownell's magazine tube kit #1 and tube kit #2 could be used to fabricate replacement inner magazine tubes for the model 60. This information is incorrect, or at least incomplete. The follower that comes with this kit does not...