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long range

  1. Marlin guide gun: 1900yds, offhand, iron sights 45-70

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Who needs a Cheytac with a massive scope, bags and bipod? Mark and Sam after work. Impressive shooting:
  2. Reloading for the 338MX...Long Range...

    Hello Gents... I am currently working up loads for my 338mxlr that I have had for several years. My experience with factory 200gr FTX rounds was, well shall we say, inadequate. I put close to 300 factory rounds through the rifle, open sighted, and two scopes later still have the same results...
  3. Marlin 3/8" Dovetail, Barrel, Flip-up Sight < $200 possible???

    To permit joining CAS Long Range Side Matches, I'm shopping for a 3/8" dovetail flip-up barrel sight for my 1894. I know the low power 45's are not meant for this, but CAN reach out there. I was NOT last in last Saturday's 200M side match event with a 3-shot, singly loaded string time of...
  4. my 1895- Thanks

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I wanted to thank everyone for all the answers and ideas. Here is a look at the progress:biggrin: