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  1. 38 55 fun

    32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    As mentioned in my second post we finally got two accuracy loads, one with 4227 and one with blue dot. All our experimentation was done with a Vortex 3X9 power scope. Real men shoot with iron sights so the scope came off and a Williams receiver sight went on the rifle. I'm an old geezer and shot...
  2. ?Hornady critical defense 45gr FTX or CCI maxi-mag HP's 40gr? (22 mag)

    Hogs...Hornady critical defense 45gr FTX or CCI maxi-mag HP's 40gr? (22 mag) Im going on the small game hunt here on our 2 WMA hunts. Im wanting to kill a Big hog. You can only use a remfire on these hunts! Which bullet is better and if i could have a comparison or a website to look at for the...
  3. Need some 1895 cb advise

    Cowboy Rifles
    Howdy folks I'm new here so I ain't sure if I'm doin this right. I just bought a 1895 cb 02 model I believe. I've been wanting this rifle for years and finally found one worth the money. Should be here by middle of next week. Just wonderin about what factory loads to try first and any advise...
  4. .30-30 Varmint Load?

    After reading this article 30-30 Varmint Loads I began looking around Marlin Owners for information on .30-30 varmint loads but didn't see anything (maybe I wasn't looking good enough). At any rate, I was wondering if anyone had any familiarity with this or any similar load that might be used...