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loading problem

  1. 1894 CSBL loading issue

    Having issues loading my rifle. Wanted to post this while I search through the forum looking for answers. I shot my 1984 CSBL for the first time today. Great Gun ! Ran a sample of cartridges through it, around 14 different flavors and all cycled extremely smooth and not a issue. The screws all...
  2. NEW: Marlin "Flyweight" Loading Gates

    Ranger Point Precision
    Well gents, I’m in the middle of another hectic R&D push here at RPP. I told you earlier this year in another thread that y’all wouldn’t get much Marlin love this year, because we intended to focus on Steyr handgun parts. I may have misled you. Not intentionally, I just can’t stay away from...
  3. Stiff loading port.

    Hey guys, I am new to the forum and a new Marlin owner. I recently purchased a 336 SS and cannot believe how stiff the loading port is! It is almost painful to insert the bullets into the tube magazine. I am hoping there is a way to reduce the pressure on the shield. I'm sure this is a...
  4. Loading Problems: 30AS in .30-30

    Greetings, I am new here so I will appologize if this has been covered before. I have a used .30-30 model 30AS. I have not hunted with this rifle, but have only shot it at the target range, loading one round at a time through the ejection port (range rules). I have never loaded it through the...