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load data

  1. Reloading
    I do read on the forums here that guys are using and liking the Hornady .358 200 gr FTX in their .35 Remmy/336 leverguns. I want to try some out, and I'm wondering what the max C.O.A.L is with that bullet such that the 336 will feed it reliably. Any other tips or recipes for hand loading with...
  2. 1894
    I was inventorying my reloading supplies recently and came across two boxes of 125 gr Speer Gold Dot bullets I'd forgotten I had. I searched RCBS.Load for relevant loads, and the closest I found was the following rifle data for Hornady 125 gr XTPs: H110 21 gr 2205 fps H110 22 gr 2276 fps...