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  1. New Here/Hand Gun Optic

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hi there! Just ordered my 1895SBL and am considering putting a Leupold FXII 4X28 on it with medium rings. Is this a bad idea? I saw something about 18" of eye relief which seems like it could be manageable but I have no idea. Appreciate any help.
  2. Leupold scope for 1894c

    TEAM 1894
    Hi guys. I need some advice for a scope for my new 1894c. I will be shooting from 50 - 150 yards. Here in Switzerland the gun laws are very strict, my local shooting range wouldent even let me shoot without a scope!!! I have been looking at the budget line of Leupold scopes mainly because the...
  3. Has Leupold gone to the dogs?

    Optics Discussion Forum
    I bought a VX-3L that was on a 30-06. The reticle failed after a couple of years. It was repaired in Sept 2013 and I had to return it again in 2016. They could not repair it and since it was not made anymore; they offered me a "custom shop" VX-3i. It was made in Dec 2016 and shipped to me...
  4. Leupold PRW Rings on Ranger Point Precision Base. Are they sitting correctly?

    Optics Discussion Forum
    Hey all! So I'm going to through the process of buying my very first scope-mounting setup (on my 336). As an engineer, I'm not totally satisfied with the way the rings sit on the base. Is it sitting correctly? Will that bottom lip hold well enough? Is it ok that the base isn't exactly parallel...
  5. Leupold VX-1 2-7x33 on 336 30-30.

    looking for the right combo of base and rings for a leupold vx-1 2-7x33 on my 30-30. i'm pretty set on the 2-7x33 and i'd like to consider quick release rings. trying to find quality that won't break the bank. first rifle, first scope, so any insight is appreciated. thanks, jon
  6. Got a new 1895. Now I need to change it (build thread)...

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Got a new 1895. Now its built! New pics at the end! (Build Thread) Haven't even shot the thing yet... Or even taken pictures! I bought a 1895, 22inch barrel. I have wanted one for about a decade, and finally bought one. All of my wood stocked firearms have been tweaked, and this will be no...
  7. Leupold Scout Scope - custom turret caps

    I am currently setting my 1895 45-70 for a scout set up. I have a xs lever rail and sights along with a VXII Scout Scope with QRW rings. My question is this, I would like to fit my new scout scope with a custom elevation turret. Any recommendations? I sent Leupold an email asking this...
  8. How low can you go?

    After reading and searching many posts, I still did not know for sure whether I could mount my new Redfield Revolution 2-7 with low Leupy QRW rings without removing rear factory irons. I may never need to remove this scope but I would like to have the option. I went to a local gun store/deer...