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  1. Reloading
    Hello from England! Pick yourself up off the deck, yes, we can own firearms in the UK! (See below pic for credentials) I have just purchased a .44 1894 SBL, I am after a little advice. I have loaded an amount of: .429 240g Hardcast RNFP 7.5g Unique PPU .44 Mag Brass CCI 300 Primer I have...
  2. 32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    Well, I finally got my re-bored 1963 336C to shoot well. Going from a .30-30 that couldn't put consecutive shots into a square foot of target paper to a .38-55 that made a "best effort" 1.55 inch group at 100 yards has been quite a journey. Many thanks to MOG members who have assisted. The...
  3. Boolit Casting
    Ok - so I found 10 lbs of linotype, I bought 24 lbs of range lead cast into ingots, I received 10 lbs of stained glass lead from a local artist and finally scrounged 15 lbs of motorcycle stick on wheel weights. So I know the motorcycle weights are probably good as is. My buddy asserts that the...
1-3 of 3 Results