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  1. Police Shirt - Isn’t it the awful truth...

    Law Enforcement
    Greetings, With all the recent hoopla concerning the trust and integrity of law enforcement, a new t-shirt is surfacing. "The cobblers may fail and the brick masons may fail, but if the guardians fail, society will crumble "- Plato Stay safe and Alert! Jackel
  2. Houston, TX looking for gunsmith apprenticeship

    Marlinowners Job Seeker Help Forum
    I know this is sort of a long shot, but I am looking to apprentice to/learn from a gunsmith in the Houston area. I'm never happier than when spending hours cleaning and tuning-up an old gun. I've slicked up both my Ruger GP100 and my 336 and there's nothing quite as satisfying. I'm a young...