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  1. The 45/70 Govt.
    Hi there. I just picked up an 1895 and am pretty sure it’s one of the last JM 1895’s but can’t find much info on the SBL. JM stamped, serial # 91XXX… any insight?
  2. The 444 Marlin
    Hi All, Wanted to see if you could help me out with one more of my Uncles guns. I did not inherit this one, but would like to buy it from a family member that did. They are not concerned about getting the "gun broker" price....just asked me to pay the fair value. Anyone able to help me out...
  3. The 45/70 Govt.
    I have a 1994 production Marlin Guide Gun 1895 GS in 45/70. It's had less than 50 shots through it. While looking to sell it, I realized the "JM" stamp on the gun increased its value since it indicates it's an original Marlin, rather than one made by Remington. Any recommendations on who I...
1-3 of 3 Results