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  1. FS: Beautiful Marlin 1894c 357 rifle, JM stamp, 2004 year manuf

    Well, its come my turn to thin the herd a bit and here is the first I am going to let go. Absolutely excellent condition in all respects. Metal is super clean, I cannot find any bad spots or scratches on it anywhere. Same with the wood, excellent condition with no bad spots that I can find. But...
  2. New Marlin Owner

    Welcome New Members
    Joined the site while doing some research before making my purchase. There is a trove of information available here and a lot of people referred me to this site. Thank you. I am now a proud owner of a 1989 Marlin 3030 AS. In the next couple weeks I'm going to tear her apart and explore every...
  3. My New Marlin 1894 .44 Mag

    I just purchased my first Marlin rifle. Thanks to everyone who helped me decide which one to buy in my initial post. My new Marlin is an 1894 in .44 Mag. It is "JM" stamped and is in perfect condition with the box and...
  4. Which Marlin Should I buy?

    I have a choice to buy a Marlin 1894 .44 Mag. brand new for $600 from Dicks Sporting Goods or I can buy a "JM" Marlin 1894s .44 Mag. from a private sale for $750. The Marlin in the private sale is a "JM" stamped Marlin that has just sat in a safe for years, the owner says its from the 1980s, it...