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  1. The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
    All: At the range today my .338 MXLR decided to jam up twice. Both times I was using new Hornady Leverevolution ammo. Essentially both times the round jammed during feeding, the lever was in a completely open position and was unable to be moved. Once I was able to push the round back into the...
  2. Ranger Point Precision
    Getting to the Extraction Point... Any operator will tell you that it's foolish to embark on a mission without a good plan for extraction once the objective has been accomplished. Similarly, it's foolish to design a firearm without serious consideration for the extractor, whose primary job is...
  3. Rimfires
    Hi there, I bought a Marlin 99 semi auto .22 cal pre 1960. This is pre of the Model 60. I went to a shooting range yesterday, and faced jamming issues when ejecting. Thought it was an ammo issue but it happened with different ones. The rifle is beautiful, and it seems to be built before...
  4. Glenfield Rimfires
    I was given a 76' Glenfield model 60 because it was not ejecting properly and I'm trying to fix it. I have already replaced the feed throat and the extractor and the lifter spring but it still jams after each shot. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  5. Other Marlins
    I have a Model 40 that has developed problems loading the shells in to the receiver. I don't know a lot about guns so bear with me. It fired and loaded fine a few months ago but when I dug it out again to go shooting it wouldn't pop the shell to cock it. The springs seem good and I cleaned it up...
1-5 of 5 Results