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  1. Extractor Spring Jam

    Hi- I am new to this forum, and appreciate any advice. I cleaned my 30-30 a couple of days ago, and apparently when I removed the bolt, the extractor spring must have fallen out, which I didn't notice. I then loaded 3 shells, and was going to cycle them through to make sure it was ejecting...
  2. Old guy.. new member!

    Welcome New Members
    Hi all. Just purchased a brand new Marlin 60 SS and was so excited to bring it home and try it out. Purchased some Remington 22 LR Match EPS rounds and I'm flat out disappointed at the moment. Very first round I fired - stuck! Did not eject! I had to pry it out. Tried one more shell and the...
  3. Brand New 336 Action Stuck Open - Help is appreciated!

    This is my second 336 with this kind of issue. My first 336 had been sent back to the factory 3 times due to the lever action jamming in the open position when the tube was loaded with several rounds (at least more than one). I just opened my replacement rifle fresh from the factory and I am...
  4. Help! Bolt stuck on .22 mag XT!

    Hi all, It's unfortunate we had to meet under these circumstances, but the bolt of my rifle is jammed closed. Today, during some target practice, I had my first case rupture. The bullet fired, (target still hit too, just quietly) but the case remained in the rifle. I stopped and took it up to...