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  1. Shoot Through Scope Rings

    Does anyone have a scope mounted with Shoot Through Scope Rings that work well? I recently bought my first brand new to me 1979 Marlin 336 30-30. This is going to be my brush and walking gun for white tail. What I want is to be able to utilize the scope for long shots. But use the See...
  2. NEW! RPP CloverLeaf Peep Sight + Integrated Picatinny Rail Scope Mount

    Ranger Point Precision
    First off, thanks for all of the positive feedback and purchases of our CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sights. We're seeing a steady drumbeat of interest and sales from Marlin and Henry rifle owners. MOF ORIGINAL POST THREAD We have also received a ton of requests from those that wanted a CloverLeaf...
  3. REVIEWS: RPP 3/8" Dovetail Open Sights (Front & Rear) - Need 5 Volunteers

    Ranger Point Precision
    We're happy to announce our newly expanded Rifle Front & Rear sights family of products all of which come in day and night sight options. You can get all of the details and specifications on our website page here. We'd like to try something a little different. We respect all of you and want...
  4. Marlin and Henry Sights (Day, Night) and Scope Mount Rail

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hi MOF, Quick update on our integrated sights and scope mount rails. Both the Marlin and Henry Big Boy Steel front Day sights now come with "orange" for better visibility. The Night Sights set still has the neon green glow in the dark (front and rear) and the front appears off-white during the...
  5. NEW: Night Sights for Lever Action Rifles!

    Ranger Point Precision
    You asked for night sights and finally they're here! The same great sights as our original backup sights only with glow in the dark paint that can be illuminated with a flashlight and stays glowing for 1-3 hours. - Marlin backup sights/scope mounts are available for sale on our website today...
  6. [Pics Inside] Need Gunsmithing Help Installing Factory Iron Sights

    Do It Yourself Gunsmithing
    I'm trying to install replacement factory iron sights on my Marlin 336W, but am having trouble fitting it. Not sure if I need to do some more filing or just need to keep tapping it and force it in there. Any gunsmiths out there have any advice on how to make it fit in flat and not crooked? Which...
  7. Aftermarket Iron Sights Where Original Leaf Sights Go?

    I've seen some great sight options for Marlin 336, but most of them mount to the receiver using the scope mount screws. I have see-through mounts with a scope and would like to retain both scope and iron sights option. Does anyone know of any good aftermarket sights that are installed on the...
  8. Marlin 336W Crooked Rear Iron Sights Question?

    Just bought a Marlin 336W from a dealer. I have a question about the iron sights, looking for an answer preferably from people who also own one of the latest Marlin 336W's 20" length. When I got home I shouldered it to check out the sights, and I noticed the rear sight looked titled a bit to...
  9. Model 81TS: how to improve my (iron) sights

    Hi, I'm still trying to find a better sighting solution for my Marlin Model 81TS. My eyes are no longer compatible with the OEM iron sights. I didn't get a response to: so I'm guessing not many folks have tried...
  10. Fiber Optic Sights for 336??

    I just recently bought my 336 in .35 Rem and would really like to see a nice fiber optic front sight on it to spice it up a little. Anyone have suggestions on an affordable sight?? For the time being I am without a scope and I really want to get use to the gun with irons. -Thanks, Mentokk