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  1. Is it OK to load .45-70 on a progressive? Is it bad like buying too much ice cream?

    The 45/70 Govt.
    .461"-405gr, w/27gr-37gr IMR4198, Federal Lrg Magnum primers, for evaluation loads; i.e. best accuracy/grouping w/no leading. Mon-Tues start chasing paper plates @ 100yd. Yup, I'm using glass; a Vortex Crossfire, CF2-31031, 6-18 x 44 AO, V-Plex scope to keep this shooter out of the equation as...
  2. Need your help with a hunting load

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hi everyone, I am down in Florida where the deer are the size of dogs and hogs are the size of Buicks. I am working on an all around hunting load that will take me out to around 130 yards without ripping my shoulder in half or forcing me to buy more stuff ( I have 500 rounds of Penn 300gr hard...
  3. Safe load?

    Reloading Sticky's Only
    Hi guys, I just bought a Marlin 1895GBL and a Lee classic loader kit. Just finished my first fifty rounds last night. I was hoping someone could take a look at my load data and confirm that this is a safe load. Regarding components, I just pulled whatever they had off the shelf for 45-70 as...
  4. 100 yard accuracy - The Journey

    The 45/70 Govt.
    After an extended absence from the shooting game (life happens), I missed the sweet smell of burnt powder. As a competitive shooter, my preferred choice of firearm had always been handguns – sliders and revolvers, double action and single action. Most of my rifles were pistol calibre (.44 mag...