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  1. H&R Break top .32 s&w Missing Parts

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    First of all, I am new to this forum and I would like to say hi to everyone here. I recently inherited an old H&R revolver. It is of a top break design and chambered for .32 s&w. I have cleaned it up some and parts are definitely missing. I was hoping the good folks of the marlin owners forum...
  2. Need info on H&R Sportsman revolver

    H&R/NEF Collectors
    I recently picked up a H&R Sportsman 9 shot break barrel revolver. There is no model stamped on the gun, but what I have read so far it's supposed to be a Model 999, but not all the descriptions match. What is stamped on the gun is as follows: On the left side on the barrel is impressed: "H&R...
  3. anyone used an H&R Pardner pump 20 ga. for turkeys?

    H&R/NEF Shotguns
    For my first year of turkey hunting I'll be hitting the field with an H&R 20ga. I know it's not the "perfect" turkey gun but it's what I have, and I know I can kill a turkey cleanly with it. My question is directed towards any one who has used one before: what choke did you find worked best and...
  4. Harrington and Richardson .32 Top Break Identification. HELP!!!!

    H&R/NEF Collectors
    Hi everyone, This gun was all in pieces in the basement and I decided that I want to reassemble and re blue it for my dad for Christmas. One small problem though. I have absolutely no idea what kind of top break it is. I know that it is a .32 and it is a 6 shot. Also on the side of the barrel it...
  5. .444 H&R misfires

    The 444 Marlin
    I am new to this but I wanted to get the word out about major misfire issues I have with my H&R .444 and seek help. I was hunting Michigan's firearm season last week and I stalked within 15 yards of the biggest buck we have on our property. He stood up, I had him right where he needed to be in...
  6. H&R Model 155 Shikari 45-70

    Open H&R/NEF Firearms Forum
    This will be my first H&R/NEF gun. I've won it on GB, haven't got it in hand yet. She's a 45-70. Anybody ever fool with hand loading for these 45-70 H&R rifles? I'm thinking about hunting with Lever Evolution rounds in it, but may also mess with making up some cast lead or paper patched...
  7. Folding shotguns

    Have any of y'all seen any. I know of three. The berretta 412/413, khan k-100, and the h&r folder. I want a light shotgun for backpacking or camping. Which of the three are is the best. If I get one, I will have a smith cut the barrel, and I may get a few chamber adapters