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  1. H&R/NEF Collectors
    I recently picked up a H&R Sportsman 9 shot break barrel revolver. There is no model stamped on the gun, but what I have read so far it's supposed to be a Model 999, but not all the descriptions match. What is stamped on the gun is as follows: On the left side on the barrel is impressed: "H&R...
  2. H&R/NEF Shotguns
    For my first year of turkey hunting I'll be hitting the field with an H&R 20ga. I know it's not the "perfect" turkey gun but it's what I have, and I know I can kill a turkey cleanly with it. My question is directed towards any one who has used one before: what choke did you find worked best and...
  3. H&R/NEF Collectors
    Hi everyone, This gun was all in pieces in the basement and I decided that I want to reassemble and re blue it for my dad for Christmas. One small problem though. I have absolutely no idea what kind of top break it is. I know that it is a .32 and it is a 6 shot. Also on the side of the barrel it...
  4. The 444 Marlin
    I am new to this but I wanted to get the word out about major misfire issues I have with my H&R .444 and seek help. I was hunting Michigan's firearm season last week and I stalked within 15 yards of the biggest buck we have on our property. He stood up, I had him right where he needed to be in...
  5. Open H&R/NEF Firearms Forum
    This will be my first H&R/NEF gun. I've won it on GB, haven't got it in hand yet. She's a 45-70. Anybody ever fool with hand loading for these 45-70 H&R rifles? I'm thinking about hunting with Lever Evolution rounds in it, but may also mess with making up some cast lead or paper patched...
  6. Shotguns
    Have any of y'all seen any. I know of three. The berretta 412/413, khan k-100, and the h&r folder. I want a light shotgun for backpacking or camping. Which of the three are is the best. If I get one, I will have a smith cut the barrel, and I may get a few chamber adapters
1-6 of 7 Results