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hornady ftx

  1. Reload hornady bullets

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hello, I am new to the forum just barely bought a 1895sbl RMEF gun off gun broker. I am going to reload some 325gr ftx bullets, I already have the hornady dies and the special seater for the bullet and know i have to trim the brass, but i don't have Hornady #9 reloading manual i was wondering...
  2. Some improvement range report

    Here are the results of some of my reloading efforts all using the Hornady 160 gr FTX bullet, mixed head stamp brass, all seated to a COL 2.55" . Two powders, IMR 3031 and LeverEvolution (LE). Shooting rested and scoped at 4x. I'm fighting a lot of battles at the same time. New to rifle, even...