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  1. Hawg Hunting
    This past weekend my father organized a pig hunt with Hog Wild USA (Forsyth, GA) for us and a couple of friends and family. Going from Southwest Virginia to Georgia I expected it to be a lot warmer but night time temperatures were hovering just above freezing. Consequently the pigs were not...
  2. Hawg Hunting
    Hello all never been hog hunting or any kind of hunting for that matter. But it just looks like a good time and I want to find out more. I'm looking for some info on hog hunting in Southern California, I'm specifically in San Diego. Looking for any and all I information... feel free to send...
  3. General Hunting
    Hog hunting looks like all kinds of fun. Never been hunting let alone hogs but, what is available here in so cal? Are they considered nuisance animals? Any info or links to some are appreciated!
  4. Hawg Hunting
    The game commission says they're here . What I want to know is has anyone seen them or shot one :questionmark: If you did where :questionmark: Seem like something I may like to try .We have caged hog hunts in Tioga for around 600 bucks seems a little steep to me .While the rest of the country is...
1-4 of 5 Results