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  1. Hawg Hunting
    Hello all never been hog hunting or any kind of hunting for that matter. But it just looks like a good time and I want to find out more. I'm looking for some info on hog hunting in Southern California, I'm specifically in San Diego. Looking for any and all I information... feel free to send...
  2. General Hunting
    Hog hunting looks like all kinds of fun. Never been hunting let alone hogs but, what is available here in so cal? Are they considered nuisance animals? Any info or links to some are appreciated!
  3. 336
    Hello everyone, Recently purchased a Marlin 336A chambered in 30-30 Win; looking for a place online I can buy ammo in bulk (200+ rounds). Pretty new to this, so any help is greatly appreciated. I'm located in CA. Hope this is the right place to post this! If not, my apologies in advance. Thanks.
  4. Hawg Hunting
    I'm an active game hunter out of Kentucky and when it come to hogs there is nothing more I like having with me than some good dogs and mid size sword made just for the critters , don't get me wrong I love my guns as well just for other game, how many here hunt with dogs vs guns when it comes...
  5. Hawg Hunting
    I'm running late posting this, but I'll share anyways! My sister has never really enjoyed hunting like I have, and at one point in time probably considered it a worthless sport. On her recent trip back down to Texas, she showed a lot of interest in shooting. I took her down to the property...
  6. Hawg Hunting
    I've been living in Texas over 10 years now...and have been able to hunt Wild hogs for over 5, and guide for 2 years. Here are some photos I thought yall would enjoy. November 30, 2012 Hog Through the spotting scope... have to run em down. I've been very...
1-6 of 6 Results