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  1. Ranger Point Precision
    You asked, and we delivered. Similarly designed to emulate our Marlin "Medium" loop levers, our first Henry .45-70 / .410 lever is available in our online store. Same price of $145.
  2. Henry Levers
    Hi MOF Friends, We made an announcement today re. our Henry products for the .30-30, .45-70, Big Boy Steel and All Weather models, and the .410 shotgun. All of the products are of a similar design to our Marlin parts or are universal in nature including our 3/8" Dovetail Open Rear Sight...
  3. Henry Levers
    Hi Everyone. Just got a new Henry Big Boy H006 - 44 mag. SO happy with it. Incredibly smooth action! Took it to the range today to try to sight it in. My Win HSP 240g cartridges were great. Just a little bit of kick. However, my Hornady 180g XTP shot a full foot+ higher. No kidding. I...
1-3 of 3 Results