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  1. Ranger Point Precision
    Ok, this isn't our typical lever gun posting, just a little side project I finished this weekend. I picked up a decent little CZ-52 a few weeks ago, and liked it enough to improve upon it. After a little trigger work it was a very respectable shooter, but the ergos were crisp and cramped, and...
  2. Handguns
    I am looking to get into handgun hunting,and I was wondering how many people handgun hunt. It seems to be an avoided topic. Do any of you have any advice for a newbie
  3. Handguns
    I have heard the term on forums in the past and I am on a small quest to find one. I need a light pistol with some power but not a rhino slaying wrist breaking 50. I may run into dogs, coyotes, cougars,snakes and two legged varmints tending to "crops". Don't really need to worry about bears...
1-3 of 4 Results