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  1. 1894
    I just disassembled my 1894SS for a thorough cleaning. After reassembly, I noticed the rear of the firing pin (or the part struck by the hammer) can be pushed forward by hand to be flush with the carrier making a hammer strike questionable. Is this normal? Function checks, cocking, trigger...
  2. 336
    Hello all. I just purchased a Marlin 336SS and I am looking to get a stainless steel hammer extension, but I am having a little trouble finding one online. I am looking for something like this... Does any know where I can find one? Thanks again..
  3. Cowboy Rifles
    Hey everyone, i recently aquired a 30AW for $400 in colorado from a gunbroker. Serial number indicates it was manufactured in 1994. Anyways, its a great gun shoots like a champ. Just one things weird about it. The hammer on it unlike the newer 336's has a horizontal rather than straight hammer...
  4. Rimfires
    I bought a new Model 60 about half a year ago, and it's given me a lot more trouble than it has rabbits. After a month of use and about 400 rounds, the hammer slipped, and I sent it in to a gunsmith. It worked beautifully for one weekend after that, but now it's acting as a single-shot again --...
1-4 of 4 Results