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hammer spur

  1. Rifles
    Rookie kinda question. I've see "JM Stamped" or "JM Spur" a few times on this forum and seems to denote something special. What does the "JM" stand for, signify, and mean?
  2. Shotguns
    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a stainless hammer extension (or spur??) for the Marlin 410 XLR stainless shotgun? I can find the blued version, but have not been able to find the stainless. I have seen photos of them so I know they exist. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, BT
  3. General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Man oh man I used to tear a bunch of gun socks with hammer spurs. Anyone else have that problem? So what I did to solve the problem was take my pocket/pen knife and one of my wife's fancy schmancy wine bottle corks (the new synthetic kind works best) and I made this little slit that fits...