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  1. A Warm Thanks to All and a Happy New Year

    Ranger Point Precision
    Folks, it’s been a heck of year here at RPP, and I wanted to close it out by saying thank you to everyone here on the forum. It has been gratifying, both on a personal and business level, to be a part of this great community. I feel like we have a lot of friends here, and your support has been...
  2. Re-Chambering Marlin 30AS

    I was fortunate enough to inherit 2 Marlin lever action .30-30's over the years. I LOVE My 1967 Marlin 336 Texan in .30-30. The thing is a tack driver and sentimental to me. I also love my 1983 Marlin 30AS Glenfield in .30-30. However, I just don't shoot the Glenfield often because I have the...
  3. Looking for a gunsmith that can reassemble old Camp 9

    CAMP CARBINES 9 & 45
    I have officially given up trying to reassemble the Camp 9 that is in pieces in a ziplock bag and would like to know if there is a reputable gunsmith that can work on it? I'm in So. California...any help appreciated. I love this old gun and it was my favorite plinker 25 years ago....and I...
  4. Ruger Bearcat Question

    I have been thinking about converting a ruger bearcat to 22 magnum. Would you have to ream out the chamber only or would you have to rebore the barrel too? I have heard of people doing it in the past and I can't afford a 'smith to do it for me. I know that Bowen classic and cylinder and slide...
  5. Marlin Model 62 Levermatic in 30 Carbine

    Other Marlins
    Just picked up one of these rifles and really like it. What I need some help with is finding a gunsmith that can go thru the action completely and clean it up. It is a little rough to use and probably hasn't been checked out in 30 years. Don't want to take it to just some local gunsmith as...
  6. Forearm Stock Cap

    So how hard is it going to be to find one of these for my Octagon 30-30. I am half tempted to buy one of these and retro fit. After doing a lot of reading in here. One of a bowed Mag tube. I realized mine was also. And I like a sling. And would like to make it right. As for proper Marlin rear...
  7. MarlinOwners Made Me Do it! Part 1 & 2 Merged

    Pistol Grip to Straight
    Some of you may have read my earlier post on my Project Gun. I found this old 336RC in a shop and bought it for $75. No lever or loading spring, some beat up screws and a freckling of rust on it. The refugee from the...