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  1. New 336C 30-30 - Hornady Leverevolution Case Splits & Grouping Issues

    Hi all. Owner of a Marlin 336C in 30-30 having some issues, I’m not exactly sure how to rectify. To keep it brief, bought a new 336C a few months ago. And I have only had 4 sessions with it at the range (eventually to add to the hunting tools). I got a bulk buy of Hornady Leverevolution 30-30...
  2. Terrible groups w/IMR4198 & my MarlinGS w/405 pill.

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Greetings; I've got a life time supply of IMR4198, and looking for "go to" loads with my custom 45-70-405 mold. All the groups seem equally poor from 30gr-40gr @ 100yds. They're tumble lubed in Xlox, unfilled, (although I tried cotton filler to no avail.), forearm supported at bench, slow...
  3. Group therapy

    i just wanna see pics and info on some of your guys best groups regardless of manufacture just wanna see how people are doing with rimfires i have an 880 sq i am particularly fond of and i can pretty much flat out do work with it ill try to get some good groups in tomorrow