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  1. Marlin Glenfield Model 80G Backround

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Hey all. I am going to pick up a model 80G on Friday and have been searching for some backround on it. (specs and facts and other basic knowledge) but im turning up short. all i have figured so far is that the G model is from 60-65 and was some promotional thing wit the micro vue scope. anyone...
  2. Howdy from Houston

    Welcome New Members
    I've discovered a genetic predisposition favoring Marlin rifles, so I'm checking in. Along with shooting and loading, I ride motorcycles and try to do just enough to keep my girlfriend happy. 'bout 'them Marlin's - which one of you suspects thought it was cute teaching these rascals how to...
  3. Grandad's old gun

    Welcome New Members
    Hello from Gas City, Indiana. About 2 weeks ago my grandad handed me his old gun for my birthday. My eyes lit up. I knew exactly what it was. It was an early model Glenfield Model 60 with a squirrel stock. I knew it was an early-ish model because squirrel stocks ran from 1966-1982. My Glenfield...
  4. Scope for a early 80's for a Glenfield(Marlin) Model 60

    Team 60
    Hello, I recently acquired a Glenfield Model 60 rifle and wanted to find a scope for it but I want to make things difficult on myself by finding a scope that might possibly have come on it when originally purchased. I have the opportunity to pick up a Marlin Model 300A scope in a package deal...
  5. 1978 Glenfield 60 - first 22lr and first restoration attempt. Please help!

    Hello everyone, This is my 3rd gun and my very first 22lr. I got it at an amazing deal from Turners for $40 and I have to say, being in California and owning anything that's capable of more than 10 rounds (18. yessss) is somewhat dreamy for me and I am completely in love with this gun! I am...
  6. Glenfield Model 25...Help me make it look cool.

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Hi, I have a Glenfield Model 25 and I'd love to dress it up a little. I have a scope for it and it already functions great. My only complaint right now is I don't like the stock. Now nothing against a good wood stock just mine is a little dinged up and well I'd prefer something tactical or...
  7. Glenfield 30a Stiff Action

    Well, I just bought this rifle last weekend. It initialy felt gritty and stiff when working the action. I've completely stripped it down, cleaned, reassembled, and lubed all moving parts. It improved greatly after the thorough cleaning. However, the action seems a little stiff for a 336, and...
  8. WANTED: BOLT 4 Model 20 Glenfield (with squirrel)

    Welcome New Members
    I need a replacement bolt for my Model 20 Glenfield Marlin rifle (with the squirrel). My original bolt handle sheared off my bolt and I do not think it can be repaired. I would appreciate it if anyone has one to let me know, or if you know someone who has one. I live just outside Waco, Texas...
  9. Glenfield Model 60

    I just picked up a Glenfield Model 60 today but I seem to be having an issue getting the tube magazine out. This appear to be a 1974 model I think. Serial starts with 2637xxxx. I have a new model 60 and had another when I was a kid but this tube seems to be different. I can't seem to turn the...
  10. Marlin 989g help

    I recently found an old Marlin 989g in good condition. It was a little gunked up but after some love, care, and elbow grease I managed to get in back in shooting condition. Unfortunately I am unable to find the only missing part, The Magazine :bawling: I haven't been able to locate one that is...
  11. Glenfield (marlin) model 20 bolt action, new info!

    Welcome New Members
    Hey everyone! I've looked and looked and maybe I didn't look well enough so I apologize for any old topics. But I recently bought a glenfield model 20 with the engraved wood chuck on the stock, beautiful rifle, just needs a little love! So today I spent 2 hours on the phone with a gentleman from...
  12. Gelnfield Model 30a from 1970

    Marlin Collectors
    I recently purchased a Glenfield Model 30a and I think it was manufactured in 1970 but everything I read says the Model 30a didn't come into production until 1971. The serial number for this gun is 70 1250xx. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks
  13. What makes a Glenfield?

    Glenfield Rimfires
    Sirs, I've inherited a 39-A, and a Glenfield 60. Can someone tell me what corners were cut to put the Glenfield label on it? It has an ugly stock for sure, but do I at least have a MicroGrove barrel? I've yet to shoot it, but I'm aware of the reputation of the model 60 and looking forward to...
  14. 76' Glenfield Model 60 not ejecting

    Glenfield Rimfires
    I was given a 76' Glenfield model 60 because it was not ejecting properly and I'm trying to fix it. I have already replaced the feed throat and the extractor and the lifter spring but it still jams after each shot. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  15. help with a model 75

    Picked up a old marlin glenfiel model 75,is there a way to tell how old it is? It's been well used stock all chiped and scrached up and the workin parts all gumed up. But for 30 bucks i picked it up after 3 hr cleaning job on it turns out it shoots great. Noticed when i broke it all down it has...