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  1. 336 vs 30AW?

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Does anyone know if the 30AW and 336 stocks and banded forearms are interchangeable? I recently acquired a 30AW, and want to replace the firewood-grade birch stock and forearm with walnut furniture. Unfortunately, I can't find a walnut stock set listed for a 30AW. No birch here (it's a rule)...
  2. 1895M Magazine/forarm furniture removal

    The 450 Marlin®
    Hello folks, I just acquired a 2000 1895M. I've ordered replacement furniture for it, and have two questions. 1) Can the front forearm/furniture be removed without removal of the lever etc? 2) If so, how is the best way to remove the magazine? It is pretty stuck in place, and I the front...
  3. Topper Model 58 Furniture Refinishing

    H&R/NEF Shotguns
    Howdy fellow H&R owners! I recently acquired a Topper Model 58 from Cabela's for about $120. The break and ejector function fine, but the wood was all scratched to hell and so was the for-end. Since this is something I plan on keeping for a very long time, I decided to sand off the old finish...
  4. wood wood wood

    So for Christmas this year a good family friend has given me a beautiful piece of black walnut... has anyone on here made their own stock? I just received a marlin 336 from wally world from my fiance. I was totally floored because no one has ever bought me anything like that before. I have been...