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  1. Need help with some fixes on my Marlin 1894

    Cowboy Rifles
    Hello everyone! I bought this Marlin 1894 when I turned 18 years old (10 years ago) and I ran into some troubles with it after owning it for about a year... I was hoping you guys can maybe help me pick out parts or maybe give me some advice and tips on how to fix these issues. I intended to fix...
  2. New Guy With A Marlin Camp 45 Needing a front sight base plate- Please Help!!!

    Welcome New Members
    Hi Everyone!!! I've searched everywhere with no luck. Any help locating a front sight base for a marlin camp 45 would be great. I have the sight and screws already. Thanks in advance, Cody
  3. 30AW sight height

    Does anyone know what the factory installed height above the barrel is for the front sight on a Marlin 30 AW?
  4. Can anyone tell me who makes the front sight on my 1997 Mod 30AW

    I've been reading your forum for a while now absorbing info on what 30-30 to purchase, 'thank you guys" the reading has been great. I just finally bought a Mod 30AW at the local gun show it came without the rear sight due to whom ever mounted the scope mount used one almost 2" to long and had to...
  5. Need Help Replacing Original Sights - 336SC .32 Special

    I have my dad's Marlin 336SC in .32 Special with K (1953) serial number. He put a scope on it more than 30 years ago and I would like to restore the original iron sights. However, The parts I have from his parts box don't quite seem right. The rest of this question is split into rear and...