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  1. The 45/70 Govt.
    I have a 1994 production Marlin Guide Gun 1895 GS in 45/70. It's had less than 50 shots through it. While looking to sell it, I realized the "JM" stamp on the gun increased its value since it indicates it's an original Marlin, rather than one made by Remington. Any recommendations on who I...
  2. General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Hi, I got lucky a few years ago and came across a pre-Remlin 1895GS. This was a pretty important detail to me at the time as Remington had not yet worked out the quality issues after buying Marlin. My question: Is this still as big a deal as it used to be, and how/does it effect the value of...
    Sorry for not including price and shipping info on original post, this is a repost for my 444 for sale. Owned the gun for a over a year, personally put about 40 shots through her. She shoots excellent and functions flawlessly. Its a 444 S manufactured in 1981, before the cross block safety was...
  4. Welcome New Members
    MAin reason for joing the forum is I have been searching for a 1895MXLR for 4 yrs now. I own 3 336's an 1895 gs and a 308 xlr I cannot find the MXLR no matter what I have the bullets casted the brass waiting The dies collecting dust I just need the gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:vollkommenauf: