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firing pin

  1. 1894SS Rear firing pin question

    I just disassembled my 1894SS for a thorough cleaning. After reassembly, I noticed the rear of the firing pin (or the part struck by the hammer) can be pushed forward by hand to be flush with the carrier making a hammer strike questionable. Is this normal? Function checks, cocking, trigger...
  2. Marlin 795 firing pin issues

    I'll try to make this as brief as possible. Basically a few months ago my dad bought a Marlin 795 .22 to plink with and such. It was the first rifle we ever purchased. Few hundred rounds in, I decide to do the initial cleaning. Re assembling it, I was having trouble getting the recoil spring in...
  3. Can't get broken firing pit out of breech bolt

    I have a 1948 336A, one of those guns that has a 36-A-DL barrel. I discovered my firing pin was broken when my Marlin did not fire at a deer I had pulled up on (bummer). I removed the bolt and confirmed the firing pin tip is broken. I have found it impossible to get the small pin (the one that...
  4. 1952 336sc... Advice?

    Marlin Collectors
    Hi folks! The back story: I am working on acquiring a 1952 Marlin 336sc in 30-30 to refurbish and in the process of doing some research stumbled in to this site and thought joining up and asking some advice might be helpful. Pros: Low price ($75.00-$100.00 CDN range) negotiations not...