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  1. Marrying a nice front sight setup to Skinner Express rear

    Hi all - First time poster. Hunted a lot as a kid and my go-to gun was a beautiful Model 97 in octagonal which, sadly, I sold off when I was too young and dumb to know better. Back in with a 336W for myself, and my son - he's a first time shooter, in love with this rifle. He shoots left...
  2. Front sight insert for 60ss

    I would like to put fiber optic sights on a model 60ss I just purchased. I've read that the front sight insert (orange color) is in a 3/8 dovetail. Does anyone know what size fiber optic front sight insert I need to order and where I could find it? I've got the rear fiber optic sight already...
  3. 1970 1894 .44 Rem Mag in the Family

    Afternoon folks, I hope everyone had a fine Thanksgiving day with family and friends yesterday. My brother-in-law brought "and old lever action rifle" in his words for me to look at that needed some care in his words. He purchased it back in early 1971 and planned to hunt feral pigs in South...