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  1. Ranger Point Precision
    Hey MOF Friends - This is Adam's business partner/wife Kimberly. Adam has done it again with an exceptionally designed front fiber optic sight. Feedback has been that while great with any rear sight, they really enable fast target acquisition when paired one one our Cloverleaf Fiber Optic Peep...
  2. Rimfires
    Hey all, I just got myself an XT-22tsr and I'm wondering what some good options are for the front sight. I'm sure there are many makers of these front fiber optics, but how do I know if they will fit?? I don't really know where to start.. Thanks ahead of time for the feedback!!!!!
  3. 336
    I just recently bought my 336 in .35 Rem and would really like to see a nice fiber optic front sight on it to spice it up a little. Anyone have suggestions on an affordable sight?? For the time being I am without a scope and I really want to get use to the gun with irons. -Thanks, Mentokk
1-3 of 3 Results