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feed failure

  1. 336 30-30 cartridges stuck on carrier

    I just bought a nice looking 336C in 30-30 used with Skinner rear sight installed (SN of the rifle indicates a 2018 manufacture date). I have not gotten a chance to shoot it yet but I have been trying to cycle it with 4 "A-Zoom 30-30 snap caps" unsuccessfully. My problem appears to be that...
  2. .338 MXLR Jamming

    The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®
    All: At the range today my .338 MXLR decided to jam up twice. Both times I was using new Hornady Leverevolution ammo. Essentially both times the round jammed during feeding, the lever was in a completely open position and was unable to be moved. Once I was able to push the round back into the...
  3. M/94 Extractor Claw (2017 Design)

    Ranger Point Precision
    Getting to the Extraction Point... Any operator will tell you that it's foolish to embark on a mission without a good plan for extraction once the objective has been accomplished. Similarly, it's foolish to design a firearm without serious consideration for the extractor, whose primary job is...
  4. Feeding problem on Marlin 1892 22 cal - Thoughts?

    I’ve a marlin 1892 22 cal that binds up when cycling rounds. The binding is occurring on the outer rim edge of the rim fire shell casings. I can confirm this because every shell that cycles through this gun ends up with a very small burr that can be seen and felt on the edge of the brass...
  5. Feed Problem. 1894 ss 357

    Hi all I got a feed problem with a new 1894ss in 357, when I cycle the action it feeds and lifts the round ok but as the round is pushed forward it jams in the breech, it doesnt seem to be going in straight. there must be a good gunsmith out there!!...
  6. having trouble finding ejector lifter spring for my model 918t

    I've looked everywhere but with no luck..
  7. A Challenge for you guys!!

    I have just bought an 1897 css in 357, it feeds 38's fine but 357's will lock up the action with the bullet head still int the mag tube. On looking closely the timing of the action seems to be out, the carrier starts to rise before the round is out of the mag tube and locks up. My thought is...
  8. Uk Calling, and help required!!

    MarlinOwner's International Members
    Just to say hi I'm new here but a lifetime shooter. My problem is that I have just bought a new 1894css in 357 Mag, the strange thing is it will not cycle 357's it will work with 38 specials though. The 357 will exit the mag into the action about a case length and lock up the action. Any...
  9. 336 30-30 erratic feed problem

    I just picked up my first Marlin at a pawn shop. 1975-production 336, came with a Bushnell scope (which has a surprisingly wide field of view) mounted on a Weaver rail. It's got some rust dots in the finish, but the bore looks good and I'm planning on parkerizing the gun anyway. The rifle...
  10. 1895GS jam

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hello All I am new to the forum and new to lever action rifles. I purchased this stainless steel guide gun, an 1895GS at a gun show. I am getting feed failures all the time. The ammo is Hornady 250g. The round comes up OK but then as the bolt comes forward, The rear of the cartragde slides down...