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extractor issues

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    Ranger Point Precision
    Hi MOF Friends - As you know, we do not do a ton of specials but the nanny [in the photo] talked me into a Valentine's Special. :cool: Good for all of our performance parts for Marlin Firearms, Henry Repeating Arms, Steyr Arms, and Springfield Armory. This includes some of our best selling...
  2. M/94 Extractor Claw (2017 Design)

    Ranger Point Precision
    Getting to the Extraction Point... Any operator will tell you that it's foolish to embark on a mission without a good plan for extraction once the objective has been accomplished. Similarly, it's foolish to design a firearm without serious consideration for the extractor, whose primary job is...
  3. New Owner 1894 Questions

    New Production 1894 Questions Hello All, I am a new member but have been a visitor to MarlinOwner forum for years. I have used information and resources found on this site to trouble shoot and smooth out issues that I had on a "Remlin" 336, which I am happy to say runs great now. I...