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  1. 39A Ejector Assembly Installed Backwards?

    Hi all. Here's a photo of the ejector assembly in my new-to-me 1976 39A. Is it installed backwards? The ejector arm retention screw doesn't do anything in any case--it rotates freely, won't back out, and the arm is stuck in it's current position. The assembly won't come out because the...
  2. Camp 9 bolt assembly removal problem

    CAMP CARBINES 9 & 45
    Hello everybody. I new to this site and hopefully somebody here can help me out. I got a camp 9 that needs some work, but when i try to disassemble it, the bolt assembly wont come out. It seems like the extractor/ejector is stuck out like its indicating that there is a round chambered preventing...
  3. Marlin Model 60 problem

    Hello I have searched all the internet and couldn't find my answer. I recently purchased a model 60 for thirty dollars and it will not eject shells when I pulled it apart the ejector lifter spring was just free floating on my pin. I put the ends in the proper positions and when I set the...