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  1. Ranger Point Precision
    Marlin "Profiled" Rear Sight Dovetail Fillers, Better than Blanks (Quick Install) Quick installation. No filing. Machined in steel and blued. Big Bore and Sporter sizes. Fits .900” and .850” barrel diameters at the rear sight. Available for sale on our website. Ranger Point “profiled” 3/8...
  2. Rimfires
    I recently purchased a new Marlin 795 (the first new rifle I have ever purchased) and a DIP picatinny rail. From what have read on this forum I was not surprised to find the rail would not fit. I could not even get it started. Close inspection of the DOVETAIL revealed that it was not machined...
  3. 336
    I've searched, searched, and searched around and have yet to find a definitive answer on this. Has anyone done any research on this? What's the yardage these elevator sights are set at? Is it by 25 yards, or?
  4. Rimfires
    Hi, I'm still trying to find a better sighting solution for my Marlin Model 81TS. My eyes are no longer compatible with the OEM iron sights. I didn't get a response to: so I'm guessing not many folks have tried...
  5. Pistol Grip to Straight
    Some of you may have read my earlier post on my Project Gun. I found this old 336RC in a shop and bought it for $75. No lever or loading spring, some beat up screws and a freckling of rust on it. The refugee from the...
1-5 of 5 Results