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  1. Ranger Point Precision
    Marlin "Profiled" Rear Sight Dovetail Fillers, Better than Blanks (Quick Install) Quick installation. No filing. Machined in steel and blued. Big Bore and Sporter sizes. Fits .900” and .850” barrel diameters at the rear sight. Available for sale on our website. Ranger Point “profiled” 3/8...
  2. Skinner Sights
    Some EXTRAS at Marlin peep sights Dovetail sight blanks (blue and silver) 8-40 plug screws (Blue and stainless) 6-48 plug screws (Blue and stainless) Skinner Blue (great cold blue for touching up nicks, dings, and after trimming a front sight to the exact height. Safe sided Triangular files...
1-2 of 2 Results