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  1. The 45/70 Govt.
    I bought an XLR in 308 in 2002 but always wanted an 1895. When Remington bought Marlin I thought I was out of luck but I eventually found one about 18 months ago. The barrel was roll stamped New Haven, CT but it did not have JM stamped on the barrel. I'm of the understanding the parts for the...
  2. Photos of Custom Marlin's
    Howdy everyone, This is my baby at the moment. I am just trying to work up a load for this so far no joy. Marlin XL7 with a McGowan barrel in .275 Rigby (7x57) Boyds custom stock and DNZ medium mounts with a weaver 40/44. The test load tomorrow is a Hornady 175 pill in a European brass...