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  1. New (to me) 336: need disassembly advice

    Greetings! I've just acquired a Marlin 336RC in 30-30, and I need to give it a thorough cleaning. I've found instructions on how to "field strip" it for cleaning -- but it has mild rust spotting all over, and I am wanting to address that, and re-blue. I found the user manual on the Marlin...
  2. Thoughts on these tuning vids?

    Have anyone of you seen (or maybe even made) these two videos about Marlin leveraction disassembly and tuning? Can any of you wise gentlemen approve of these methods? Marlin Lever-Action Disassembly and Tuning - Part 2 of 2 - YouTube I am sorry if these videos have been discussed before. If...
  3. Let's see if this is a fix for jamming

    Australian and New Zealand Marlin Owner's
    Hi all, I "bit the bullet" (bad pun) and stripped my 336 down and cleaned everything. I followed a great video on youtube Marlin Lever-Action Disassembly and Tuning - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube and disassembled it. I cleaned it all by giving a light smear of oil and deburred edges on the base plate...
  4. Disassembly Tools for the 1895G?

    The 45/70 Govt.
    What tools would you recommend I purchase for full disassembly of an 1895G/GBL? I've only done the the regular disassembly for cleaning. That only requires a screwdriver. Thanks.
  5. Marlin lever issue!!!! Please help

    Ok, my issue is as follows. Please offer only helpful advice. I have a Marlin 336. I have disassembled it and completely cleaned all of the parts thoroughly and reassembled exactly as per marlins directions. Everything functions fine and the bolt slides right up into place and the lever...