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  1. Just an update and photo of my 1894's

    For those that were with me on my original journey. Anyone new can do a search under my user name and should find the modifications i needed to make in order to load rounds. I have close to 2000 rounds through my first one, the one with all the "junk" on it. LOL. Its still shooting sweet and...
  2. Who offers machining custom Dillon Expander/Funnels?

    I didn't think to note who it was that offers to machine custom Dillon 550B Expander/Funnels? I'm new to SASS/CAS & beginning to load .45LC. My boolits are .453"-.454" & the Dillon expander/funnel is ,449". I lookin' to obtain .451", .452" & .453" expanders; hopefully this will also suffice...
  3. marlin model 60 sight options.

    Recently ran across one of those deals. guy had two marlin 60s. He said take both guns and make one gun type deal. one gun manufatured in 1995 needed a new trigger gaurd. where the rear bolt goes in had been broken. other gun needed a new set of rear sights and had some scratchs and scrapes on...
  4. hello from ky

    Welcome New Members
    Hello. nEwbie from ky. about a year ago i bought a mossberg 20ga shotgun. and for somereason ran across hydro dipping. So i decided to snake skin the stock and foregrip(pump). about the same time my nephew(8yrs old) wanted to learn of guns. I started him with bb guns. And then he tryed out my...
  5. Leupold Scout Scope - custom turret caps

    I am currently setting my 1895 45-70 for a scout set up. I have a xs lever rail and sights along with a VXII Scout Scope with QRW rings. My question is this, I would like to fit my new scout scope with a custom elevation turret. Any recommendations? I sent Leupold an email asking this...