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  1. 1895 Trigger Plate compatability with 336?

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hello all. I intend to put a curved grip and stock on my 1895. I have been looking for a trigger plate for the conversion to no avail. I did however notice that a lot of the stocks that I found online are listed as for the 1895 or the 336. I know that the 1895 is based on the 336, but I...
  2. Blackhawk-->SuPeR Blackhawk Conversion?

    I've always liked the single six, but as I grew up the grip shrank. When I bought a 357 Blackhawk a few years ago, it seemed so short that I hated it. I sold it. It had too small of a grip for my paws. I've really got a craving for a good, strong built 45 colt, but I don't like the stubby...
  3. NEW VIDEO: .44 RIPSAW Wildcat Cartridge (aka .44 Monster Mag)

    RPP’s first wildcat cartridge, the .44 RIPSAW, made its explosive debut at our test facility this weekend, and staff all returned with RIPSAW lust in their hearts. It’s one thing to look at a gun on paper and speak in the abstract about its performance potential. It’s quite another thing to...
  4. What is a Marlin 1894 Short Stroke?

    We get lots of questions on this so here's everything that you need to know. In the world of tomorrow, we antiquated humans will no longer have to cycle our antiquated lever guns. A robot will do it for us, and much faster—snickity snack—right before a look of amusement passes across its...