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  1. Discontinued Lyman M die for 444.... soooo ?

    Ok, so I have read all of the recommendations for using the Lyman M die when loading cast bullets. Low and behold after I get my order from Beartooth Bullets I find out Lyman has discontinued the M die for 444. I've checked every reloading and online shop to try and find one still out there but...
  2. .45-70 (cast?) bullet for German Roe Deer?

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hey there, I'm from Black Forest, Germany and i'm very interested in the Marlin leveractions expecially in .45-70 Gov. I search for something special considering the .45-70 and cast bullets. Currently I hunt with my .308 Win with a 110 Grains Barnes TSX loaded at 3100 fps. I`ve tried a lot...
  3. Anyone tried 309gr cast Hollow Point (Mihec)

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I cast some .462 309gr hollow-points today, using a Mihec mold from the group buy on Cast boolits forum: Has anyone tried these or similar bullets in a Marlin 45-70 for hunting deer? Load data/velocity experiences also much appreciated (I will always work up my own loads safely, of...
  4. Starting casting: meet Mjölnir!

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I feared this would happen... Having bought a 45-70, I eventually decided to start casting bullets. My 45-70 shoots .462 bullets better than SAAMI diameter .458 so I slugged the bore and made an impact impression of the chamber: Non-existent "throat": Throat diameter...
  5. Thoughts.... 180gr RNFPBB cast in 35 Rem?

    Hey gang, Thinking about getting some 180gr cast RNFP from Dardas... pic from questions: * This is for a 1951 336SC, ballard rifling... what groove dia should i get? .359?? * any issues i should look out for?? * want to have a fun plinking load and maybe have it be a...
  6. Ok - need some advice on lead

    Boolit Casting
    Ok - so I found 10 lbs of linotype, I bought 24 lbs of range lead cast into ingots, I received 10 lbs of stained glass lead from a local artist and finally scrounged 15 lbs of motorcycle stick on wheel weights. So I know the motorcycle weights are probably good as is. My buddy asserts that the...