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cast bullets

  1. Cast Bullet Help

    Boolit Casting
    I have 500 cast 44mag bullets. They are SWCs and have not been sized, lubed or gas checked. I am not a cast bullet individual. Would like to use these bullets in my 44mag wheel gun, but do not know how to size, lube or gas check the bullets. Does anyone have a method for sizing lubing and gas...
  2. Cast bullet diameter for 1894CCL in .41 Magnum

    Have an 1894ccl in .41 Magnum on the way. Anyone able to share what diameter cast bullet you are reloading for the .41 Mag Cowboys?
  3. Will anyone part with some 200gr cast bullets ?

    The .35 Remington
    Hey everybody ... I'm looking for someone that is casting 200gr bullets and willing to sell some. I'm willing to send a paypal payment if that works. Looking for something with a wide flat nose that will make a good hunting bullet. Thanks in advance ... Charlie
  4. Father-Son Hog Hunting Success

    Hawg Hunting
    This past weekend my father organized a pig hunt with Hog Wild USA (Forsyth, GA) for us and a couple of friends and family. Going from Southwest Virginia to Georgia I expected it to be a lot warmer but night time temperatures were hovering just above freezing. Consequently the pigs were not...
  5. Heavy cast bullets, boreriding and the 1895 45-70

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Good soggy Monday morning to everyone: Finding myself in possession of a box of really nice WFNGC bullets (45-70/385/LFP G/C BULLETS) and an 1895GS, I thought I'd do some tinkering to make them work together. The bullets are 0.459" in diameter, with a short ogive, so they won't chamber given...