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  1. Carrier jamming against mag. tube follower

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I just purchased a new 1895GBL. The stock fit exceeded my expectations and the action is really smooth except for one problem. Every few times the action is cycled the carrier jams against the plastic magazine tube follower. It looks like the follower is extending into the receiver a little bit...
  2. Buggered Main Spring Adj Screw - Winchester 1897

    Repairing Your Guns
    Greetings; Attempting to lessen the Main Spring tension, I gradually ground the Main Spring Adt. Screw shorter until I thought that was not the answer for this Gorilla spring. My mentor showed me how to gently thin the spring along its length. We stopped at about .015" removal, maintaining its...
  3. Remlin carriers and their shape and feel

    Hi all... I'm completely new to Marlin's and bought a 336 in .30-30, Remlin with no knowledge of what I was getting into as far QC from the factory goes. I haven't shot any ammo through it yet....I couldn't find any :( I've been playing with 4 Al snap caps ( which aren't perfect ). I'm not...
  4. Carrier problems Need Help!!!!!!

    So i got a model 36a 32 special yesterday, i noticed the carrier does not come up at all on the forward action of the lever???? i took it all apart about 5 times now and nothings broke or doesn't seem to look too worn down. the rocker seem to be moving freely, but i dont get the point of the...