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  1. First year production: 1894c .357

    TEAM 1894
    Greetings all. This is a first post for me and I thought I would take my question to the experts directly. I have dilemma on my hands. I own a first year 1894c in .357. It has been in my family since purchased residing in a safe. I would say it has a <200 round count through it (more like 150)...
  2. 1894 Carbine with Skinner Express sight

    Skinner Sights
    This past month has been very good to me. It started when I purchased a Marlin 783 22mag with Marlin sling in excellent condition. A couple days later, I came upon a Ruger 77/22 first year model with factory sights and walnut stock at a great price. Fast-forward a couple more days, I pulled into...
  3. R92 .357 16" or 20" barrel?

    Rossi & Team Rossi
    I'm considering buying a Rossi R92 in .357 Magnum? Should I go with the 16" or 20" barrel? This will probably be an under 100 yard rifle for me...