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  1. Cowboy Rifles
    Hello everyone I'm new here, looking for buying my first lever rifle from Marlin. Have anyone ever online purchased a 1895 CB from Sail? How is their service? Have been looking for a 1895 CB 26'' Octagon for weeks. It seem Sail is the only guy who have stock online. Or I can get it from...
  2. RKBA
    Our Canadian brothers and sisters are asking for help. Please hit this survey. Curious how they have urban and rural, but nothing in between such as suburban. Also very odd they are using USA definitions and such and they cited the...
  3. RKBA
    Once you give your Rights away or allow them to be taken from you, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to ever get them reinstated. Once relinquished, in the heat of a moment, your Rights are lost for good - just ask the Canadians ...
1-3 of 8 Results